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Douglas P. Lobo (b. 1990) is a visual artist from Brazil whose concept works are mainly generated through the lenses of otherworldly fantasy and science fiction genres. His compositing process is structured upon tangled textured forms, particular color schemes and a labored brushwork. 


Lobo has been creating his own fictional world and has also provided art for projects at Dark Horse Comics / Ubisoft, DC Comics / Vertigo, 3DTotal, Devoted Studios, Strange Horizons, Slice Magazine, Pelgrane Press(UK), Hikipos(JP), Editora Planeta(BR) and Sigil Entertainment Group, among other companies and independent collaborators across the planet. His works were featured in the Japan Illustrator`s Association Anual Book, Infected by Art Vol. 7, Kotaku, Supersonic Art, I Love Fantasy Art, Less Talk More Illustration, Cross Connect Magazine, Art-Spire, The Designest and several other places.

ロボは自身の架空の世界を作成してあり、Dark Horse・Ubisoft (US)、DC Comics・Vertigo (US)、3DTotal (UK)、Devoted Studios (US・RU)、Strange Horizons (US)、Slice Magazine (US)、Pelgrane Press(UK)、ひきポス (JP)、Editora Planeta (BR)、 Sigil Entertainment Group のプロジェクトにもアートを提供しています他の企業や世界中の独立した協力者。彼の作品は、日本イラストレーター協会(JIA)、Infected by Art Vol. 7、Kotaku、Supersonic Art、I Love Fantasy Art、Less Talk More Illustration、Cross Connect Magazine、Art-Spire、The Designestなどいくつかの出版で感染しました。

For projects and collaborations, get in touch through lobotalks(at)gmail(dot)com!

プロジェクトとコラボレーションについては、lobotalks(at)gmail(dot)com からご連絡ください。 


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