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Douglas P. Lobo (b. 1990) is a self-taught artist from Brazil. His concept works are mainly generated through the lens of otherworldly fantasy and science fiction genres. In his process of composing imagery and conveying ideas, he seeks to give attention to tangled textural forms, particular color schemes and a labored brushwork.

Lobo has been creating his own fictional world and has also provided art for projects at Vertigo / DC Comics, 3DTotal, Wildside Press, Strange Horizons, Slice Magazine, Pelgrane Press(UK), Hikipos(JP), Editora Planeta(BR), among other companies and independent collaborators.

Recently, his piece Haunted was selected to be included in Infected by Art Vol. 7(2019).

For projects and collaborations, get in touch through lobotalks(at)gmail(dot)com .

Draw from the sea of mind.

All works © Douglas P. Lobo