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Douglas P. Lobo (b. 1990) is a self-taught artist from Brazil. Since his oldest memories, creating has been part of his breathing and he kept exploring a variety of methods and techniques over 14 years in order to express his personal philosophies through a very organic process. His concept works are generated through the lens of otherworldly fantasy and science fiction genres and he seeks to give attention to tangled textural forms, particular color schemes and a labored brushwork when composing imagery and conveying ideas.

Lobo has provided art for projects from Vertigo / DC Comics, 3DTotal, Infected by Art, Wildside Press, Strange Horizons, Slice Magazine, Hikipos, Brainstorm9, The Walt Disney Company Brasil Ltda., Toasted Coconut Media, among other companies. Also, his works were featured in Supersonic Art, Kotaku, I Love Fantasy Art, Less Talk More Illustration, Baron Magazine, Hooligan Magazine, Cross Connect Magazine, Art-Spire and many other places.

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Draw from the sea of mind.

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